The Anova Universal Tank Monitor (Anova UTM) is an advanced and affordable, multi-input, intrinsically safe monitor that supports a wide variety of applications. With easy installation, clip-in cables, and the ability to monitor more than one tank or input, the Anova UTM helps drive better distribution profitability and customer service. 


/ Works Universally.

Supports multiple communication networks, applications, and measurements.

/ Monitors Multiple Inputs With One Device.

Measure tank level, pressure, meters, change over manifolds, or inputs from adjacent tanks.

/ Easy to Install.

Magnetic or 3M™ Dual Lock™ mounts, with easy installation verification via mobile app.

/ Affordable.

Cost-effective pricing either purchased or through our Hardware-as-a-Service subscription model.

/ Certified Intrinsically Safe.

Complies with global standards for safety, including UL C1/D1, ATEX Zone 0, IECEx, and others.


Anova UTM simultaneously monitors two tanks or inputs

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