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  • A comprehensive software and service to drive productivity and profitability.

  • Our experts, your delivery data, and Anova Transform analytics.

  • Cycle through the Transform process, assess progress and drive new outcomes with each round.

  • Review distribution and customer data with our five-step process, action insights from clearly presented next steps, evaluate outcomes, and benchmark progress in your industry.




Proven Fluid Tank Monitor (FTM) Technology

  • LTE Cat M1 technology enables longer battery lifecycles + greater in‑building communication Enclosure meets IP68 (submersible) environmental requirements


  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Event Reporting (5-minute sampling)
  • Two-piece monitor provides flexible mounting options – mount the head unit down the side of the tank or in a better location for service
  • Easy Installation & Professional Support


  • Stainless(304/316 mix) + Viton + Teflon -  UAN, de-icing fluid, Hydrogen Peroxide
  • C1D1 Stainless(304/316 mix) + Viton + Teflon - Ethanol, flammables, some petrochemical

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